PT Mark Dynamics Indonesia Tbk was first listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange with the MARK stock code in 2017. Established its first factory located in Medan Star Industrial Estate, Tanjung Morawa District, Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatra Province, and then in 2018 expanded its business with set up a second factory.

Beginning in operation in 2002 MARK has a production capacity of approximately 150 thousand pieces per month. MARK through the company’s organs continues to be consistent in implementing the company’s vision and mission in every line of the company.

This consistency bore fruit by sharply increasing product demand from MARK customers from year to year. To be able to meet these customer demands, MARK is gradually expanding its business around the Medan Star Industrial Estate. The increasing demand was unable to be accommodated by the company despite several business expansions, until in 2018 MARK decided to establish a second factory located in Dalu X-A Village, Tanjung Morawa Deli Serdang. MARK customers themselves are producers or manufacturers of rubber and latex gloves from Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, and the remaining 5% of production to meet domestic demand.

MARK is very enthusiastic in building investor confidence. All information is provided transparently. With this information disclosure, MARK believes that it will increase investor confidence and strengthen the relationship.