Our Governance

PT. Mark Dynamics Indonesia Tbk,

PT Mark Dynamics Indonesia Tbk (“Mark”), is engaged in manufacturing ceramic-based hand formers, was established on April 10, 2002. Since 2003 started production with a capacity of 50,000 units per month. Gradually Mark continues to increase production capacity and until 2019 it reaches 610,000 units per month. Mark’s main factory is located in Medan Star Industrial Estate, TanjungMorawa, DeliSerdang. North Sumatra with a land area of ±15,000 m2 and currently Mark has operated his new factory which is located on JalanUtamaDaluSepuluh A Village, TanjungMorawa, DeliSerdang with a land area of ±9 Ha.

Mark has over 16 years of experience and is a manufacturer of hand formers with the largest production capacity in the world. Mark also strived to increase public trust as one of the main stakeholders and conducted an initial public offering. Mark’s shares were officially listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange on July 12, 2017, as well as being listed as the 554th issuer in Indonesia. In May 2019 Mark’s shares were listed on the main board of the Indonesia Stock Exchange. It was recorded that in the last three years, Mark successively experienced a significant increase in profit.

Mark’s main products include:

  • Examination Former
  • Surgical Former
  • Household Former
  • Custom Made Former
  • Industrial Former

Our Commitment to Quality

To ensure high quality of finished products, our plant has implemented total quality management system in all aspects of production,from procurement of raw material to delivery of finished goods. PT. Mark Dynamics Indonesia Tbk has invested and is still investing substantially in the most modern production technologies  in order to increase the efficiency of production process to produce high quality hand formers with minimum wastage.

Our qualified laboratory team performs a wide range of rigorous tests on all products to ensure zero defects. PT. Mark Dynamics Indonesia Tbk is certified to comply with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.


PT. Mark Dynamics Indonesia Tbk aims high and excels in every aspects of production, marketing and distribution and human capital management and development.

Our excellent product quality and customer service won customers’ support and trust from all over the world. This has contributed significantly in our effort to sustain our market share domestically and abroad.

Our Strengths

PTMDItem For ComparisonCompetitor
Different finishing, SmoothTexturing / Sand BlastRough, can make pinholes on glove
Very good result on the 1st time runningConditioning/ Former UsageRequired 2 -3 months for conditioning
Saving in LatexFormer DesignNormal

Main Achievements

Enable latex glove manufacturers to excel in their productivity, quality and efficiency. Enable latex glove manufacturers to be transformed into nitrile glove making.


At PT. Mark Dynamics Indonesia Tbk, we are committed on how we contribute to the wider community in making a real and sustainable differentiation. We build our commitment on 3 pillars: protecting the environment; protection and support of employees in preparing for successful careers; and conducting our business and affairs in an honest, open and fair manner in compliance with any stipulated and applocable laws.


Be it our existing or future suppliers, customers, investors and other stakeholders, we welcome any forms of win-win and synergistic collaboration from you to build a better future.